Mindbending psychedelic art > Open naked eye light... radiant... pulsating...Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside awakens "I've been blind all my life to this radiance" on TIP:Push F11 for full screen. 

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Psychdelic Research Projects / PRP.

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WAJAKAA: That is reminiscent of the kinds of hallucinatory visions-- intricate, brightly colored, unusual, complex, imbued with meaning, and often geometrically organized-- that one sees with closed eyes during this hyperdimensional brain state has been dubbed "Wajakaa". Wajakaa art is not always inspired by a drug-induced experience, but often it is. Although sometimes referred to as visionary or surreal art-- in that, like dreams, they all draw upon the unconscious as their source of inspiration-- the truly psychedelic painting is charged with an unmistakable psychoactive intensity. Psychedelic art is, of course, best viewed and most appreciated while one is under the influence of a psychedelic


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