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We provide a total concept: From Digital / recording , editing, audio, and cover/label design, print for Video and DVD-video. all DVDs are -Region Code: PAL, region free.


DVD Cover and label Ghosttown 2004

DVD LIVE Ghosttown 2004 85 min. Early hardcore rave at the Vechtsebanen- Utrecht.NL.24-04-2004. Djs: Paralizer-Uzi & Da Mouth of Madness-Paul Elstak-G-Town Madness- Buzz Fuzz- Dano-Darkraver.etc,DVD screenshots Photo    
DVD Cover Erotic City/ Trip2dreamland DVD LIVE Erotic City.85 min. Hardstyle Rave in Utrecht/NL at the Vechtsebanen 31-01-2004. Djs that night: Deffer S, Activator, Deepack,Daniele Mondello, Rob & MC Joe, Dana, Buzz Fuzz. Your wettest dreams come true. DVD screenshots Photo  
DVD Cover Phantasmagoria DVD Phantasmagoria  01-01-2004 65 min. Fast and furious rave visuals mixed with our indoor video rave (10 raves) material we made during the years. Audio taken from our CD Phantasmagoria Hardcore/Hardstyle mix ! DVD screenshots Photo

WATCH this DVD on YOUTUBE http://youtu.be/dvIYB649fdk

DVD Cover Ghosttown 2003

DVD LIVE  Ghosttown 2003- 20-09-2003 -80 min. Vechtsebanen Utrecht. NL. Dj-s Rob&MC Joe, Paul Elstak, Dark Raver, Gizmo, Petrov, Paralizer, Neophyte. DVD screenshots Photo    
DVD LIVE FFWD 7th.Streetparade Rotterdam  19-08-2003. 25 min. View from the Coolsingel when all the trucks pass 2times. This year with 38 trucks and so the longest parade in the world. 
Video cover FFWD 2002 DVD LIVE FFWD 6th.Streetparade Rotterdam  10-08-2002. 45 min. Live video report filmed at the end party between 16:00-23:00.  4 AREAS:)  Trance (MC-P-pholl.)-Club- (Chemistry ) Techno ( Silly Symphonies ). Drum & Bass ( Triple Vision and Prospect )."Somebody was doing the rain dance" So nice pictures in the rain and mud. 
  Video Dance compilation all styles 1 Dance video 3 hours. This  party compilation edited from all the party films below. (Except 6th. FFWD video and Trip to Dreamland). Different scenes and shows a good impression of the dance scene during that time.
Video Hard/live dance compilation  2 hours. LIVE Compilation video nr. 4+5+6+8+9+10+16+18+23. "Lights on" Party mix where you can see the last 20 min. when the lights are ON. " Only for the Headstrong"

TTT255.jpg (26762 bytes)

DVD LIVE Matika - 2 nd. Street parade 1998 - Rotterdam 15/08/98 . 40 min. A view from the only hardcore car in this parade. Live hard sound.  Great shots from the people dancing in the streets and around the car. 


DVD LIVE Trip Ship - 1.st Street parade - Rotterdam 16/08/97 28 min. The Dutch Street Parade seen from the Trip Ship car . ok Holland at last. 


Video LIVE Love Parade 1997 - Berlin 12-07-97 .63 min. Third video registration Love Parade from a great spot on a toilet for 8 hours. Great view  great smell. 
erotikingdom.jpg (33124 bytes) DVD LIVE Rave the City - Erotic Kingdom - IJsselhal- Zwolle. 26-10-96. 50 min. Hardcore live video with Neophyte - Weirdo - Gizmo - Dark raver - Stunned guys - G- Town Madness - Placid.K . .... 

Video Hardcore power - Rave compilation .60 min Video mix from the parties. Music by TeTracTys CD. 10 Metamorphosis.Compilation Dance events .15 min. Mix images from the Teknifals and love Parade 1996 and clubs video 1 + 2 + 3. Music by TeTracTys.cd 11 Phantasmagoria.
DVD LIVE Terror Machine - Milieuboer- Amersfoort 31-08-96 .40 min. Live video with a lot of decibels. DJ's Neophye - Buzz Fuzz - Dana - Bass.d and King Matthew...
par.jpg (61692 bytes)parr.jpg (116645 bytes) Video  LIVE Love Parade 1996- Berlin - 13-07-96 . 60 min. A live video report of my second trip to the love parade with some clips from the touring-bus we hired with a group of friends.
DVD LIVE Rave the city - Roman Empire - Statenhal -Den Haag-29-06-96. 60 min. Hardcore video in a ancient scene. Gizmo - Darkraver -Isaac - stunned guys and Davie Forbes. Great performances and acts.
DVD LIVE Ghostown - Dance to Eden- Vechtsebanen -Utrecht- 23-03-96.  70 min.  Back in the Arena of Hardcore with Gizmo - Dark raver - DJ Rob - Petrov - Isaac ... Live Chosen Few and House Foundation.. 
DVD LIVE Rave the City - On the beach - Rijnhal -Arnhem.02-12-95 70. min. 10.000 hardcore gabbers in a beach scene with amazing lasers. Dark raver - Gizmo - Paul Elstak - Davie Forbes - Darrien Kelly....
TTT263.jpg (15169 bytes) Video LIVE Trip to Dream land - Utrecht - Central Studios- 23-03-92 .57 min. The oldest of the dance films( source unknown),  edited in 1995. Great location for parties. 

happ.jpg (74664 bytes)

DVD LIVE Happy Nation Dance to Eden-Vechtsebanen-Utrecht 09-09-95. 70 min.Live indoor hardcore rave with Gizmo - Buzz Fuzz - Elstak - DJ Rob - DJ Panic  and more.. Great lasers  included..   
TTT189.jpg (40914 bytes) Video LIVE Technifal 96- Rotterdam - Havens 9000- 03-08-96. 45 min. Big illegal rave in the area of Rotterdam. The real Underground warriors !!

Video LIVE Technifal 95- Amsterdam  -Ruigoord - 23-06-95. 75 min. Free open air underground video report  at Teknifal Amsterdam for 3 day's. 
Video The Silo ( Dome Dancers)- Amsterdam 19-05-95 .30 min. House, Bass and Hip Hop party with KC the Funkaholic and dance acts like the Dome Dancers.

Video De Kelder party- Amersfoort -31-03-95 .25 min Video report of a  party with a great atmosphere. DJ's like Adam Realtime, ..

Video Love Radiation - Medusa - Almere -04-02-95 .25 min. A video with dj's as Tiesto - Steve Green - Adam Realtime and more  ..   Special that night a big laser.

Streaming audio broadcasting UTC/GMT 18:00 -00:00 >>Hardhouse-Techno-Trance- MIXES  ! Winamp or compatible player required. Download your  mp3 player at Radio 3Datelier. Graphics
Auto Bio Freak A visual trip with 1000 clips. 180 min. Video compilation of different movies, clips, TV, personal life and more.  
  Auto Bio Freak B- Visual trip 180 min. Just a view in a psychedelic world with a lot of great TV- movie clips edited by 3datelier.com.
  videopic19.jpg (49451 bytes) Power Flower A- Laser Graphics. 17 min. Strange video made with 2 laser ball points and a broken TV and a VCR. A lot of work.
  Acid Fire - Behind the psychedelic flames .28 min. See strange creatures in the flames. Art impression of a camp fire. .... required.
  Still Works - Laser Graphics 3D .23 min. Video that shows that still images can create strange illusions. Images from the video's.
videopic16.jpg (72619 bytes) Pro Trip Art A/B - Mandlebrot Graphics .27 min. Video with coloured moving fractals  with deep music. A lot of calculations.
  Power Flower B Second film  made with lasers points and a broken TV and a VCR. Moving flower images.
7  compilations video's with different music styles.Video beamer compilations for House Parties or at home.


Photo impression april 2005 Chonburi province on the Gulf of Thailand in Kanchanaburi, River Kwai, Ayutthaya, Lopburi, Jomtien beach, Koh Larn Island,  Bangkok and Pattaya. DVD East Thailand April / October 2005 in Kanchanaburi, River Kwai, Ayutthaya, Lopburi, Jomtien beach, Koh Larn Island,  Bangkok and Pattaya. Photo 
Summer Carnaval Rotterdam 2003 19th. Summer Carnival Streetparade Rotterdam  26-07-2003. 28 min. Video report live filmed at the  Summer Carnaval in the center of Rotterdam. Approx 40 different Dance/Music groups are captured by the camera .Very colourful images with a tropical touch. Songs added like :Petchi - Frega - Soak - Pokemon - Roots. Photo

DVD Java/ Bali November 2001 Video report .85 min.Video report from a trip in indonesia for 4 weeks. Lot of culture, faces, landscapes. music and dance.
Millenium  - Registration of 31-12-00 . 30 min. Nieuwegein between 09:00 - 00:00 /  31-12-99 - 01-01-00. Indoor party with  a lot indoor  fire works and.... (Due cancelling New York).
TeTracTys life - Video clip showing life .30 min. A video with a lot of real life clips like: DNA, skelet, body, characters, people, born, dead etc. 
Fairy land - Visual impression fair - Tilburg. 30 min Video that makes you crazy with these spinning images. Lot of digital effects. 
The Coffeeshop - video for THC   21-02-98. 30 min. Protest video against the closing of a coffeeshop during Carnaval 1998 (area in  Utrecht).
The Real world - 1 year real life  .90 min. Video with personal clips made during the taping of different  video projects. 
LB Rock band - Live performance 22/04/95 .32 min. A day in the life of a Rock group. Back stage, On stage, Front stage. 


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